Support for Caregivers


We are extremely grateful to caregivers who help volunteers take part in clinical trials.

Caregivers help volunteers in many ways, for example by:

  • driving them to and from a research facility,
  • staying with them during evaluations,
  • filling out questionnaires on their behalf, 
  • making sure their needs are understood and addressed, and
  • outside the research facility, ensuring their medications are administered correctly and on time.

This work, while rewarding, can be emotionally and physically fatiguing. Family caregivers may not have relevant training or assistance. Balancing work and other obligations can be challenging. The impact on mental and physical health cannot be ignored. 

We do our best to provide accurate, reliable support services for caregivers. We provide information about health conditions, connect them with patient advocacy groups and support networks, and help them navigate questions that can be difficult to handle alone. 

Support resources

Sanofi supports specific activities and initiatives of US patient advocacy groups that are focused on improving patient care. Visit the Sanofi U.S. website to find out more about patient advocacy.  

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