Privacy & Data Protection Notice

SANOFI is committed to protect your Personal Information and your privacy and implements all relevant measures to ensure such protection, in accordance with applicable laws and the terms of its Global Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Notice explains the purpose(s) and the modalities by which SANOFI processes your Personal Information collected through this website.

Important limitations to this online Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice addresses only information that is or may be collected on this website – which is NOT intended to be used by non-U.S. residents.

This Privacy Notice applies only to information collected on this website that is directly linked to this Privacy Notice, and does not apply to information collected in other areas, whether online or offline. This Privacy Notice does not apply to third-party websites that may be accessed through a link from the site covered by this Privacy Notice. You should review the privacy policies of any third-party websites to understand how that site collects, uses and discloses any Personal Information or non-Personal Information (as defined below).

This website is not intended for, or designed to attract, individuals under the age of 13, or to collect Personal Information (as defined below) from children either directly or through passive information technology such as cookies.

Who is responsible for the data?

The personal data is collected and processed under the control of Sanofi Aventis Recherche & Développement. Sanofi Aventis Recherche & Développement instructs WIRB-Copernicus Group, Inc. (WCG) to process data on its behalf. Therefore, WIRB-Copernicus Group, Inc. (WCG) is qualified as a data processor for the data processing activity described below.

Collection of Personal Information

“Personal Information” is information that directly identifies you or could reasonably be used in combination with other information to identify you and which is submitted to and/or collected Sanofi and maintained by or for Sanofi in an accessible form. Examples of Personal Information that directly identify you can include your name, driver’s license number, social security number, biometric or genetic data, street address, telephone number, email address and other similar information. Examples of Personal Information that when combined with other information may be able to identify you include race, gender, date of birth, health condition or status, employment status, zip code and other similar information. Both types of information are considered “Personal Information” for the purposes of this policy.

Certain areas of this website allow you to contact us to ask questions or provide comments or other information. Please be aware that when you ask questions or provide comments or other information, you may be disclosing Personal Information.

Non-Personal Information is information that is not personal, such as questions, comments, ideas and suggestions that you provide, or information that we may collect that is not linked to any Personal Information. Non-Personal Information will be treated as non-confidential, and we may disclose and/or use that information without any obligation whatsoever to you, for any purpose and through any means.

For what purposes does this Website Collect Personal Information?

We collect Your Personal Information for the following reasons:

  • To allow an investigator to contact you for further investigations allowing a specific study qualification. This processing is based on your prior consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending us a request through this webpage, in which case SANOFI will stop processing your Personal Information (without affecting past processing). You are free to refuse to communicate your Personal Information to us. However, if you refuse to communicate your Personal Information, please note that you cannot participate to a pre-screener for a referral. Your Personal Information will be retained for a period of 30 days.
  • The notion of “processing” designates any action that is undertaken on your Personal Information such as, for instance: collection, storage, access, analysis, deletion...

What Personal Information does this Website Collect?

When operating, this Website may collect the following categories of Personal Information:

  • Identification Information: any information which allows your identification, whether directly or indirectly such as your name or contact details (address, email address, telephone number), your job type, your company
  • Messages: you may send us enquiries using this Website
  • Professional information, notably in case you submit a job application
  • Connection data : any information regarding your connection and access to this Website (e.g. type of machine and browser used, timestamp of your connection, IP address, pages visited, etc.), browsing history
  • Location data : information that may be provided by your machine and browser about your location if you allow such information to be shared with SANOFI
  • data relating to and data which may be collected by cookies: for more information about cookies, you can visit this webpage.
  • SANOFI may process information relating to health: SANOFI will only process such categories of Personal Information, which qualify as “sensitive” Personal Information or “special categories” of Personal Information if duly permitted under applicable data protection laws. In particular, SANOFI will only process such information it has obtained your prior explicit and specific consent to do so.

How Long is the Personal Data Collected on this Website Retained?

Your Personal Information is retained for the duration described above in the purpose(s) section, and in any case only for the duration that is necessary to fulfil the above mentioned purposes, unless further retention is necessary to meet legal or regulatory requirements or to the protection of SANOFI’s interests.

Who has Acces to your Personal Information?

For the purposes set forth above, SANOFI may communicate your Personal Information to the following entities:

  • WIRB-Copernicus Group, Inc. (WCG) for maintenance/technical purposes;
  • Investigator Sites under contract with Sanofi;
  • Legal and administrative authorities when required to do so by applicable law.

What are my Rights Concerning My Personal Information?

You may have certain rights under applicable data privacy laws regarding the personal information that you provide to Sanofi, including the right to access your personal information held by Sanofi. For further information regarding these rights, please reference our Global Privacy Policy.

Who to Contact for Queries?

To exercise your rights as set out above, please go to this webpage.

You can ask any further question related to this Privacy Notice by reaching out to us using the contact information available in this webpage.

For California Residents

Residents of the State of California may reference to our California Privacy Notice.