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Welcome to Sanofi Clinical Trials. Our goal is to help you find out about Sanofi’s research studies into potential new treatments and vaccines. Looking for research into a specific condition? Use the search above to find a clinical trial near you.

Why volunteer?

By taking part in research, patients and healthy volunteers make it possible to develop new medicines. They help shape our society by stepping up to help others, regardless of whether they will benefit personally. 

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What would a pharmacy look like without clinical trial volunteers? Watch this video to find out.

Our commitment to volunteers

Sanofi is committed to saving lives and improving wellbeing by preventing and treating serious conditions. The progress we make in research brings hope to patients and those who love them. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring participant consent, safety and welfare;
  • Following the highest ethical standards;
  • Working together with research centers, scientists and doctors;
  • Communicating any potential side effects and risks, carefully and clearly;
  • Respecting the participant’s desire to withdraw at any time;
  • Honoring the decisions of independent Institutional Review Boards.


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